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Swathed in crudely-stitched feral fur, the Orga Magician is an imposing sight. Its skin is mottled a fading blue from layer after layer of intricately patterned tattoos, and it stands at an impressive stature. It holds an unmistakable aura of power and magic, strengthened by the sight of a small army of Warlocks guarding it.

The Orga Magician is only sighted in the fourth of the Orga Camps, and only then between noon and midnight on days of a Full Moon. It arrives to play the central role in a ritual not fully understood by the exiles of Puddleby, but one very dependably performed. If it is killed, all of its retinue (or fellow performers) will suddenly disappear. The thaumic shockwave that results from its death (or at least, temporary displacement) causes a tremendous wall of flame to rush forward towards the place where it once was, temporarily cleansing the place.

After the Magician has been dispelled (it is not exactly clear whether it is dead or just... elsewhere) a Mystic may enter the power room and, if all is in place, acquire a strange looking stone used for teleportation.

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