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At the time of writing, only one Orga Schizoid has been encountered. Very closely following an invasion of more advanced Arachnoids in the morning of Sombdi, 90th day of winter 560, the Schizoid cast webs similar or identical to those that are a signature of Arachnoids.

In appearance, the Schizoid towered and intimidated -- it was of the category Drablak categorizes as "huge" in his bestiary, dwarfing even in the most impressively-statured BRO.

Anatomically, it was very similar to all other Orgas. Two long arms end in heavy-knuckled fists that rest on the ground when not engaging in combat. A single bulbous bloodshot behemoth of an eye graced its head, and like many Orga, it did not bother with clothing. Pitch black skin was interrupted only by red veins thicker than most rope bulging visibly beneath its skin.

In addition to the sticky, foot-slowing webs it cast, the Schizoid was fierce in close combat.

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