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Though the Orga Traylock is diminuitive, with lanky and withered limbs, it is one of the most dangerous known Orga. The blood red skin is charred and shriveled from the vast energy it can project; a simple brown sash (in the manner of a shaman) denotes its status. Traylocks are only found within the Orga Stronghold and the ceremony area near the Orga Village, or in invasion forces.

Traylocks are able to direct lightning in a manner referred to as a "grenade," "mine," "bomb," or "star" lightning. Although the lightning bolt initially looks one any other Orga spellcaster might throw, when the lightning reaches its target, substantial remains focused on the ground. This focused hotpoint does not dissipate immediately, but rather shoots groups of three additional lightning bolts towards any nearby exiles. These hotpoints will send three waves of such bolts before fading, with each wave doing roughly twice as much damage as an Orga Hemlock bounce bolt. This is an especially dangerous type of lightning, since it can bypass exile rod points on the move to project damage from behind or within an assault force.

Orga Callocks and Orga Fellocks employ lightning in a similar manner.

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