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Zealots prefer to watch and cast spells from a distance, rather than directly involve themselves in a fight. They are known to cast hot bursts of flame much larger than the small flames used by Shamans. It is said that the firepower manifested by Zealots is spontaneously created by the Orga God, as called into our world by the Zealot.

In addition to more powerful fire, they are more talented evaders than their fire-casting brethren. They are known to teleport fallen exiles to major centers of Orga activity by chanting and incantation and setting the bodies aflame. If a fallen is in one of the Orga Camps or nearer to town, they will teleport them to OC1. If they are in Snagglewood or beyond, they will teleport them to the Orga Village. The farther into Orga territory one is, the more quickly one can expect to be teleported.

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