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Though its young are many, there is only one known adult Plesio'don. Finding its home in the land of Sarra's turbulent central lake, the Plesio'don's yellow-tufted orange mane bears resemblance to the description of the lady Sarra made by the storyteller Kah'los'Kholoran?. This, in combination with its graceful and magnificent bearing, have made suggestions of its being the late lady Sarra's reincarnation or soul inevitable. The truth of its relation, if any, is unknown, but it is a magnetic symbol for those who have known or heard tales of Sarra's life.

The gender of this lone Plesio'don is also unknown, though it is suspected to be female or asexual because of its infants, found in the marshes south of Sarra. Physically, it is the largest creature yet discovered in the Lok'Groton archipelago. Its long, sinuous neck connects the small, equine head and broad body. A long, fiery mane extends halfway down the nape of the neck, before continuing in downy tussocks along the middle of its back. The exposed flesh is a pale teal, while the underbelly is a dark yellow shade. Two pairs of large flippers are used for effortless propulsion, and its short tail is used as a navigational aid.

The actual size of the Plesio'don is uncertain, due to significant amounts of its bulk being constantly submerged. Its ability is combat is also unknown, as the shores of the lake are impassably fierce. Because of the considerable strength of its young, most speculation has suggested that the Plesio'don would be near-unstoppable if ever in encountered in battle.

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