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Three professions are available to those in exile.

Each profession has a unique way of initiating its members. One must complete several requirements before making their final choice.

  • One can choose to become a Fighter and learn to slay the many creatures that threaten Puddleby's safety. Upon reaching the third circle, they also have the option to subclass, turning their focus onto a more specialized form of fighting.
  • Healers are a valued member of any party. They channel healing energy through use of a Moonstone. More advanced Healers are able to use a variety of tools that aid in healing. Expensive potions can be used to heal a solo fighter, but once they are fallen only a Healer's touch will bring them to life again.
  • The necessity of Mystics is less clear than in the other two professions. They deal with the mind, not weapons or spirit, and their contributions to a hunting party are subtle. However, life as an exile is fraught with many dangers and mysteries. Mystics are there to untangle the threads and lead us onto a clearer path.

Of course, any exile can choose the path they take under their profession. A corrupt Fighter may use their strength to bully the weak or aid our enemies. Healers may refuse to heal those they dislike. Mystics following a different path may muddle the threads and delve in darkness.

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