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A clan founded by the Mystic Valtrim that believes in the balance of all things.

It is our belief that if any force gains complete dominance over its opposite, both forces will cease to exist. Thus, the ultimate goal of the Prophets of Balance is to achieve or maintain balance in regard to all forces existing. This goal, while (ludicrously) unachievable, is a guidepost for all decisions and actions which the clan chooses to take. The means by which the clan seeks to achieve and maintain balance is Prophecy. The form of Prophecy we commonly use does not deal with the supernatural or mystic; it is a process involving rationale, imagination, and, at times, sheer luck. We do not by any means claim to know (anywhere near) exactly what the future holds in store. Rather, we make our best effort to discover what futures may lie ahead of us and determine the most probable. We then seek the events upon which these futures hinge and, with regard to our clan goals, aid the events, hinder them, or simply let them be.
--from the clan scrolls

The clan is no longer active in the lands.

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