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Puddleby's foremost and only acting troupe, the Puddleby Players were founded by their leader, Measle in the year 564. They can be held responsible for such performances as How the Wench Stole Bawkmas, Zomeo and Thoomiet, The Halfling, The Trial of Manticore, This Thoom for Hire and, most recently, The Wizard of Peaceton. The Puddleby Players officially received affiliation status in 570.

The official members of the Players are Fishylish, Illora Mone, Inu Teisei, Largo, Ledon?, Miug, Noivad, Punisher, Salazar, and of course Measle.

Other exiles who have been associated with the organisation in the past include Aspasia, Xepel, Super Chicken, and Starsword Eojek.

Summaries and credits for past productions can be found here

Visionstones of Puddleby Players productions, presented in chronological order :

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