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Purgatory is a plane? that is on a separate dimension to normal space and reality.

One normally reaches the purgatory by departing from their body while fallen. However, healers can train in the use of the Purgatory Pendant, and reach this plane through the means of projecting themselves with this tool.

Lesser undine can often be found wandering purgatory; whether this is the result of or affected by actions of exiles is unknown. Ethereal creatures have also been found in purgatory, which is widely speculated as being the result of departing from the Ethereal Plane and/or creating Portals on the Ethereal Plane.

Physically, purgatory appears similar to both the Astral Plane and the Ethereal Plane; it could be described as a bleak, monotonously grey landscape. Despite being able to wander in this plane for hours, or even days without escape, it is experienced as a distinctly small region of space that repeats back on itself.

Karma is suspected to have a loose correlation with one's ability to escape purgatory's bland grasp.

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