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Rath is a Halfling, is male, is a Fighter, and is not wearing the symbol of any clan.

Rath was exiled for one reason: he stole food, and lots of it. You could say Rath has an eating disorder; for he is always hungry, never full, and will eat anything that is left out, given to him, or otherwise.

Having lost his parents at a young age, Rath didn't spend much time getting an education. Instead, he spent his life with his older half-brother, who never had a kind word to say to him and relentlessly belittled, tortured, abused, and refused to provide for his needs. Due to his losses and brutal mistreatment at the hands of his step-brother, Rath has almost no self-esteem, and is always trying to prove himself to both himself, and the world. He is easily misled, both emotionally and intellectually, and requires the support and kind words of friends and fellow exiles to have any feeling of self-worth. He is easy to please, however, and so generally is content in the presence of others. If left to his own devices, though, Rath becomes self-destructive, as he will question anything and everything on his mind, and without someone to tell him otherwise, he will believe his own suppositions, which are typically false and always damaging to himself. Despite this, Rath is kind, caring, and puts everyone before himself.

Rath yearns to be liked and respected by everyone, and often goes out of his way to help others, no matter what the cost. He enjoys learning, and often asks far too many questions in his attempt to learn.

Rath has an accent, and may be hard to understand sometimes, but he means no harm nor disrespect to anyone.

"In the end, you will die single, alone, unloved, and forgotten by the world. You will never amount to anything to anyone. Any friends you happen to make will desert you. Anyone who ever claims to love you or even like you is lying to your face. You will bend your back to please others who in turn treat you as an afterthought. Why don't you kill yourself and spare yourself the pain of your miserable existence?"

Rath has tried to disprove this "prophecy" from his step-brother ever since he was exiled, with little success.

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