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Roche can be found in Fountfell Village?, conducting research into the ruins found throughout the area.

Roche appears to be particularly interested in the Ancient Language found on the Triangle Plinths.

  • Roche grins excitedly at you.
  • Roche says, "Veinya has been assisting me in a new excavation."
  • Roche says, "We've managed to recover a couple of the glowstones with triangular writing."
  • Roche says, "I've been looking at old notes that Azarnoom left behind for me, and I see a pattern."
  • Roche says, "These symbols here — these, just west of me! — I'm sure they mean sunrise."
  • Roche says, "Or… maybe they mean… the past."
  • Roche says, "Things that happened long ago. Which surely is anything written in triangles. Right?"
  • Roche says, "But over here, look. Take away one letter… and it's noon. See?"
  • Roche says, "Things happening right now. The present."
  • Roche ponders, "Perhaps if we take away another letter, we'd get … sunset. Who knows what we'll learn in the future?"
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