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Rodnus is a Thoom, is male, and is a Fighter Trainer.

Rodnus, found in the Trainers' Grotto of the Orga Outback, teaches Fighters who have passed the fourth circle test to be more receptive to healing. With each lesson of Rodnus, the student is healed more quickly by Healers than they otherwise would be. This is approximately twice as effective as Sprite or Spirtus, which have a similar effect.

Rodnus' importance is debated, especially amongst Healers. Many, especially those who have studied hard the lessons of Respia, swear by his training, regarding it nearly a necessity. Others, especially those who have studied hard the lessons of Faustus, condemn his training, as it consumes the health of the Healer with greater quickness.

In truth, the training is most likely best suited for Fighters who intend to point, who take the full abuse a creature delivers, or who have trained a lot of Histia.

Rodnus also increases the health (or Histia) of the student. He offers only 50 lessons.

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