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The Saffron Serpents were established as a clan on Day 20 of Winter, 578. Founding members were TorcherBaby, Feodoric, Laseria, Neq, and Starsword Eojek.

The Saffron Serpents

On the back of her neck, a tattooed figure can be seen showing where her loyalty lies. A bright red dragon perched but with wings stretched magnificently over its head in preparation of flight. Dark red snake-like markings line its back and follow the saffron main that edges down its spine to the tip of its single clawed tail.

With horns as black as midnight and a deep black chest that makes you question the intent of the heart which lies behind it. The dragon smiles mischievously, emerald eyes sparkle with wisdom as they peer out and into your soul.

Saffron Serpents is a clan of friends. With members who often find themselves going out of their way to hunt with or create a spirit link with each other. A clan where neither circle nor race is a limitation to membership and our definition of time well spent together is met regardless if it is time spent, hunting, coining, adventuring, rescuing, socializing in town center, or just being in the same world together. We are missed when we are busy studying and we are greeted when we do emerge.

Where friendship is not limited by membership and those who are friends of the serpents are welcomed regardless if their loyalties lie elsewhere or have not been decided on yet.

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