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Also known as a moon-wyrm sire, a sarra'don is the most common of the impressive saurian found in the land of Sarra, the sire is a fast-striking animal of sleek, obvious power. Its low-slung body is propelled by four muscular legs ending in webbed talons, and like it's lesser cousin, appears a hybrid between a raptorial and grey-wyrm. While the sire fights with its large maw, a potential hunter will find that the duo of ivory bladed-horns, are by no means neglected. Specimens have been observed with deeply scarred necks and shoulders, or butting heads in contests for territory. As they have overly large talons, compared to other allosaurid, it is not uncommon for them to use these talons for grasping smaller prey. The pair of ivory, sabered horns head currently have no market value. Glinting, pebbly, heavily scarred, lunar-blue scales cover all but the well muscled, and vulnerable, underside.

Though a much more powerful attacker than it's close cousin, it is easier to hit, spending their energy in a flurry of savage attacks. Their heightened aggression seems to lead their balance being easily sapped. This deadly saurian uses a popular predatory tactic, striking out with its ivory teeth, horn and claws, before circling again to reassess the situation, and recover its balance.

Like it's lesser cousin, the sarra'don transmits a venom, but the only impact of this seems to be a slight queasy feeling. After attacking, it is not difficult to hit comparable to or even easier than a green-tok'han.

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