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Sawyer is a Human, is female, is a Bloodmage, and is wearing the symbol of the Circle of the Wild Geese.

Sawyer followed Aurelie to the Lok'Groton island chain after the priestess saved her life in the Capital (resulting in her own exile). Before she found herself drawn to the order of bloodmages, Sawyer served mostly as a bodyguard to Aurelie on her various adventures and...misadventures. After being drawn to the Order, Sawyer devoted most of her time and energies to becoming a bloodmage and mastering their abilities. Fiercely loyal and devoted to the bloodpool, Sawyer actively seeks out promising fighters or those she thinks might also be drawn to answer the call, and works to train and instruct them as novices--and eventually initiates in the Order.

In an attempt to further her devotions, better understand the Order, and more accurately instruct those who wish to join the order and train as mages, Sawyer has begun compiling and memorizing an oral history of the teachings of the bloodmage masters and disciples. As well as gathering research and testimony from other exiles about the history of the Order in the islands, so that she can more accurately trace the origins of mages, and of the bloodpool.

There are many secrets to uncover, yet... so she remains hard at work.

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