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Pathology report 5436:

''The Sazaja are a two legged variety of wyrm; close relative to a ripper?. Dissection shows the creatures walk on oversized clawed forelimbs, with non-existent hind legs. Unlike their raptorial, or allosauril cousins, they have a larger than normal brain and could possibly be compared to cetacean, or terrestrial primates. I'll need to capture a live specimen for study.

The long tail ends in a bony bladed spike, with the small teeth seemingly to bear canines and molars, as well as incisors. This suggests the creature is omnivorous. The tongue seems to be similar to that of parrots, and indicates that with training, the creature could be taught a few words. The hide is coarse and pebbly as most saurian wyrms, and is emerald green in tone. The eyes are as a bird's, and suggest the creatures can see in color, much as a parrot.

In the field, the creatures have been known to gather in packs, or small herds, defending their young and territories vigorously. It is suggested that field expeditions to study these creatures be accompanied by heavily armed escort for any kind of specimen retrieval, cloning for the coliseum, or a possible capture for study.''

Phillip Peltkeeper, Taxidermist Terrdi, the 46th Day of Autumn 570, at 9:28 AM

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