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Sensei Ja'Chan is a Monk, is male, and is a former Trainer.

Those lucky enough to train in the obscure discipline taught by Sensei Ja'Chan earned the right to fight with bracers early on. His lessons often involved copious quantities of saké, which made them hard to remember.

Ja'Chan was master of the drunken monkey style, which seems to involve dozing off in battle and fooling one's opponent into thinking one is asleep, harmless, or both.

Not long after the Monastery opened, Sensei Ja'Chan disappeared in the dead of night. His current whereabouts are unknown— he may have fled to a mountain retreat, or may have been assassinated by Fighters who felt cheated by his lessons. Some cite dishonesty and disgrace, claiming Ja'Chan would say they had mastered the techniques necessary for metal bracers before they were truly ready.

Whatever the reason for his disappearance, a new master was needed. Rumours spread through the Monastery of a hermit, and the search was on. Once the monks of Puddleby began their search, the rumoured hermit wasn't able to maintain his ascetic lifestyle for long. Bracis soon joined the Monastery as a teacher.

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