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The Separ is a powerful magic artifact created to combat the Dark Bubbling. It can be used to cure exiles who have been infected by the spores of a Dew.

Exiles first learned of the Separ from the being known as Votenkath, who inhabits the island of Dal'Noth.

In the mid-summer of the Year 540, Votenkath had a lenthy conversation on the subject of the Separ with a delegation of exiles. His words were recorded and are quoted below:

Votenkath growls, "You exiles seem to be lucky folk. I'm sure you can find it without my help. I can not say where it is... if Qual gets it first all is lost. It must be found and brought to me without delay.

It looks common yet unique. It is what it is. It has a special function. It divides the one into single parts. If there is none of the single part left it can not be divided from the one. The single parts join the one slowly. The floating 'noth are all of the one, except Qual he retains a single part.

The dew are the one, yet the one is so many dew but like the noth they have no single part. Singles change as they approch oneness. The Separ is a single part. That which has juice is part of the one. The juice is part of the shared oneness. The weaker noth have so little juice it is lost in their blood. Ferals have bones but only their fur matters and is collected. It is the oneness that matters... the juice is the gathering of the one.

I can save the singles before they join the one. The separ is of wood and crystal and must be found. To say more gives Qual clues he may not yet have. The singles that travel towards oneness are here. Trust none, less they have been touched by The Separ and are truly single. I offer you luck. Bring me The Separ so I can put an end to Qual and trim the oneness of those it tries to gather. It is harmless to a single mind."

For many years exiles searched the lands for the Separ, but to no avail. Finally, in the year 544, a being known as Kala Sahar came to Puddleby bearing the Separ. The Separ was given to Dr. Tessa Malthus, who used the artifact to cure those who had been "dewed" by Qual. Eventually, the Separ was used by Yor to defeat the wizard Qual in the year 545.

The current holder of the Separ is secret, till it is needed.

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