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A forge made up of three sections. For most of the Smithy's existence, only the first section existed. In this area Smythus, his two journeymen and one apprentice are at work.

Smythus oversees his three laborers, but in addition is willing to craft fine blades such as Fellblades? and Gossamers for those who are qualified to use them and have come bearing a large amount of coins.

Some of the other workers of the Smithy are Bindra, Katla, Aigus, Rafinus?, and Loovma Geer.

A shovel blade-crafting journeyman by the name of Dessis? worked here from Autumn 551 to Winter 554, but left with disgust for the management practises.

As Autumn 555 came, a builder named Bob came and began to plan renovations to the Smithy. He collected donations and in Spring 557 completed two more wings.

The west wing is a refinery, where exiles may train to smelt ore (the furnace is run by a worker).

The east wing is a new forge, where exiles can train to craft items including the bronze and tin armor obtained in the Armor Deal?, as well as chains and a variety of other metal tools.

The smithy is in North Puddleby.

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