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Snail Racing is a sport and type of gambling managed locally by Skipper and his true love Mariq, from their establishment in the north end of the Memorial Petting Zoo on Tenebrion's Island. The snail racing grounds are grassy with several groves of trees in the spaces between the racing pit and the snail pens.

Most of the snail wranglers are people Skipper met in his travels, and the Giant Snails they train mostly came along with them. For those visiting the races, coin bets can be made against the house or against other visiting exiles.

The snails currently working for the Snail Races are Caracol, Eskar, Gastro, Kara, Salty, Seashell, Slimer, Snaily, and Speedy. It has been rumoured that the Pink Sea Snail, the fastest snail ever, sometimes makes an appearance.

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