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Sor is a Dwarf, is male, is a Healer, and is wearing the symbol of the Sun Dragon Clan.

Sor is one of the most talented artists which Puddleby has ever seen, and is well known for his detailed paintings of the Sun Dragon Clan and the Order of the White Elephant, along with his portraits of famous exiles such as Yor and Falinea.

Sor is also a renowned architect, and is responsible for the designs of such notable buildings as the Museum, the Bard's Guild Hall, and the Purple Tor Inn?.

In addition to his artistic and architectural accomplishments, Sor is a noted bard, knight, and problem gambler. It is rumored that Sor is quite intimate with the ways of Jack Vintian, and that he was Puddleby's first millionaire.

In the year 557, Sor decided to retire from public life, and auctioned off most of his rare items to play a final hand of blackjack, for the stakes of 99,999 coins. As luck would have it, Sor won the game, and donated the winnings and proceeds from the auction (a total of 280,000 coins) to help complete a deal with Melabrion, bringing armor to the exiles of Puddleby.

Portrait by Sor

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