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Starsword is just a hapless farm boy who got a sword shoved into their hand. His real name is simply Leo.

Stars, as most call him, is a painter. While his father is still alive, he'll probably make his living coming up with fresco for local taverns, or painting portraits for pennies. The fighter who trained him, a strange gray hairless fen with glowing red eyes, also taught him to draw and paint. As a form of meditation, the practice was to offset the violence in his oncoming years. It was a good thing to, because the other children were always trying to steal his family necklace, and so he had angst.

In the end, he's simply a farmer's son whose parents put on too many airs, and Stars knows it. He knows more about organic agriculture than he does fighting. In recent years he's achieved status as ranger. He hopes to go more places, and see more things.

As a knight, Stars is a devout loner. To be be-squired is something that requires effort and catharsis. Knighthood is something that requires an even greater spiritual change. In this vein of belief, Stars will not allow someone to become a squire through a simple request, or a few hunts. When someone is ready to be be-squired, or knighted, it will come to pass. This is after the potential squire has discovered for themselves both the reason and means to realize their dreams. The path of catharsis is not something one can teach, and so often often a fop is sent on errands that mean nothing till life teaches them what words cannot.

As The Dreamwyrm, a name given to himself through sober contemplation, Stars expresses both an affinity to wyrms, and their cultural significance alongside drakes. In time he hopes to be able to transcend his body into a juggernaut force to defend the greater good. Rangerdom is his means to that end.

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