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A temple located beneath the desert of Gungla Island. Sul'ran is surrounded by large sand dunes that long stymied exiles. Since its entrance was first broached, the Sul'ran temple has revealed itself to be a place of ruined relics friezes, books, and relief-carvings depicting a glorious culture of great thinkers, Sun worshippers.

The temple itself is in two parts, the first devoted to the Sun and the second to an immense statue of a Sun Wyrm amakua. The first part is populated by a scattering of Sulrani driven to insanity seemingly by force of their amakua. Many of the Sulrani texts have been destroyed, leaving only arrogant self-congratulatory propaganda.

Access to the great city of Sul'ran, supposedly to the south, has been impeded by a tremendous cave-in in the tunnel between the two chambers of the temple. Travel is also dangerous due to the wandering corrupted Sul'ran beasts, likely once harmless citizens.

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