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Renowned for their impressive defensive capability, Sun-wyrms are sometimes found in the same damp caverns as both grey and blood varity of wyrm, and rumored to exist elsewhere. The golden sheen of their radiant scales is blinding to those who do not expect it. Nearly twice as difficult to strike as the blood-wyrm, these golden allosaurid exhibit a tendency to feral wandering somewhat aimlessly between attacks.

Though accurate, sun-wyrm do not have an unusually sharp bite and are better at surviving through their mobility and cunning, over brute force. In addition to wet caves, they are found with rarity within the northwestern deep desert of Gungla, where a sun-wyrm is one of the four Amakua (guardian spirits).

The sun-wyrm is a powerful cultural symbol. Though not a dragon by species, the resemblance to the emblem on the Sun Dragon Clans crest is not lost on most. Records show, though, the Sun Dragon itself, was said to be a benevolent variety of flying drake.

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