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TRAPlings are known for their charming love of acronyms and nonsense phrases. Some - like TRAP itself, as well as TARP - are closely guarded Clan secrets, but some phrases are available for the general public to aid them in understanding members of the Clan.

TRAPper, TRAPling: Refers to a member of TRAP.

TRAPped: Induction into TRAP. Also refers to when the Clan has carried out a successful trap, or takes credit for it (the Sun has been TRAPped!)

TRAPhouse: Clan house. Presided over by Garfield Scotchknuckles, the Yorilla doorman. Most definitely a trap.

Trap: A trap not endorsed by TRAP. Still highly regarded.

Iegyst: Battle cry. "I eat glue, you should too!"

EPIC: Most commonly means "Eating Paste Is Cool", but may have several secret meanings. Use with caution.

Ratps: Usually refers to your average rodent, but, if repeated several times, may refer to the wilier form of rat that is plotting to take over Puddleby.

Pslugs: The Children of Gorblblbl. Squishy.

PART: Not merely TRAP reversed. Usage of PART is often accompanied yb sdrawkcab gnikaeps, rearrangement of Clan hierarchy, etc.

Teh Most Elite Clan: Just guess.

TRAMP: When the TRAP and MAP hunts combine. (Cammie has speculated that the hunts are called TRAMP since "we spend most of the time on our backs")

TRAPgedy: When things go terribly wrong.

The Ackkbar-Epic Scale: Invented in order to calculate the danger of traps. The Ackkbar half of the scale runs the gambit from, "Could be a Trap" to "Trap of all Traps". There is no "Not a Trap" - that'd be silly. The Epic scale defines just how stupid it is to go near said trap (intensity runs from 1-11. an intensity of 1 = "pretty stupid". there is no "not stupid", 'cuz that'd be silly).

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