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Talas is an Azcatl, is male, is a Ranger, and is wearing the symbol of The Arilon Legacy.

Currently (ooc: March 2013) Talas gained access to the 7th fighter circle. (Since Azcatl could only become a costume Talas real race is Thoom which might be important for KI or EP-Quests)

Constantly searching for a way to return to Arilon Talas started to like what became his new home. He arranged with the lands of Puddleby and gained high interest in the art of rangerism. If you ever have a Ranger-question you can always ask Talas (except maybe for Ranger passwords).


  • Talas aqired the morph of Giant Carnivorous Plankton which still is a great tool for using portals and also for tags on stuff people are lasting and already is close to death.
  • Since many others did as well Talas chose the Haremau Kitten for his first real morph. Since he has outgrown it mostly he still uses it for temporarly decreasing the healing time of the group.
  • The next morph Talas aquired was the Flotsam Meshra. Partially because there was a contest involving Meshra morphs but also since he expected it to be a great defense morph which prooved to be correct. If you hunt with Talas you might get the feeling that his race is Meshra - not Azcatl.
  • The last Morph Talas got successfully was the Tearer and as far as we know it is also the first person to get this morph. He uses this morph now and then when he has difficulties to tag but also to last some monsters sometimes.
  • rumours say that there are further plans for morphs but since they are not completed no one wants them to be listed here.


Besides of the obvious befriends that Talas can morph into Talas aquired the befriends of the Ripper, the Sazaja, the Earthwyrm and the Utsanna Raja Yorilla. Due to his pretty good spirit management Talas uses those befriends quite often - especially if a large lure is performed and a friendly monster could reduce the damage a group has to take and add some damage to the group but also to distract monsters that are chasing him or a friend in need. Since Talas knows that strong friends can be pretty important you can be sure more will come.

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