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Teleportation allows exiles, and other physical matter, to move along lines unseen: it taps into the connection between places, it creates a means of transport between two (often distant) worlds. Sometimes this link is unstable and tenuous at best, as it is quite difficult to establish. This subject remains largely a mystery, although both Mystics and the 'Brion brothers study teleportation intensively, and ample evidence suggests others on the isles have also studied it in depth.

Teleportation usually occurs with the assistance of a powerful artifact, which helps to focus and direct large amounts of magic. Portals, mirrors, and ordinary stones or sticks are commonly imbued for this purpose. Those wishing to teleport without a portal often employ a similar device that focuses and directs large amounts of magic, such as a Purgatory Pendant or a teleportation stone obtained from the Orga. Creating such items remains largely an esoteric and little-understood art, partially due to the fact that it is highly difficult and dangerous. Although even the oldest of our Mystics may confess lack of expertise on the subject, they often accompany their statements with warnings and doubts as to the safety of such an attempt. Some suggest the artifact could be a magically-charged place, rather than object, although this method remains largely unexplored. The stone circles prevalent through the Lok'Groton Isles may illuminate this possibility further, as may the strange objects found deep within the Arachnoid Caverns in the Orga territory.

One-way teleportation paths are much easier to establish and maintain than the creation of a permanent, stable, two-way portal, reminiscent of the Dark Cloud Mirrors or the portal powered by kyuems on Portal Island, both of which were likely created by powerful beings with arcane magic. The portals we create with ethereal portal stones and other methods work in only one direction, as this type of teleportation is much better understood and a good deal safer to attempt.

Ancient lore suggests that teleportation can occur without the existence of a physical object, such as a stone, to focus the energy, but can be achieved through the mind alone. Such an ability would parallel sunstoning without a sunstone to help direct the thought, or healing someone through the spirit link itself. Should this be possible, it would require vast amounts of knowledge and concentration known only to very few, like perhaps the fabled Otalla the Mystic.

See Teleporting.

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