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ThoomCare is a clan made up entirely of Thoom healers, whose purpose is to provide healing services to the citizens of Puddleby. Members of ThoomCare have set up a number of "hospitals" throughout the lands: safe areas which serve as healing stations for wounded exiles. One of these is located in North West Forest?, and another can be found in the South Forest near the Mirror.

ThoomCare members often call upon the members of other professions for aid, and there are a number of affiliate organization for such exiles. One such organization is the ThoomCare Search and Recovery Network, which is made up of Mystics who provide services as locators. Another affiliate group is the ThoomCare Chain Gang, which consists of fighters who assist in combat and chaining. Members of these organizations are not formal members of ThoomCare, but assist the clan in the time of need.

Paramedic, the founder of ThoomCare, runs the Thoomcare Media Network, a frequently-updated news source.

Currently active members include Clam, Kensington, Nohurt, Paramedic, Phroon, Salubrious, and Vata.

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