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Deep enough beneath Melabrion's Passes that no light reaches it, the lair of the Tok'Han is a dismal place for those who are accustomed to the winds and trees of the surface. It is larger than it once was before Melabrion's dwarven miners drove their spades too deep, the Tok'Han were confined to the chambers rich in gold and tin, content to live with the Blymoids and raise their young.

However, when the deepest shaft of Melabrion's Mines struck gold, it also struck this first cavern of their Ancestral home. Desperately digging in another direction to avoid finding Tok'Hans again, the dwarves managed to carve another entrance and exit to the Tok'Han.

Enraged, the Tok'Han seethed from their home and drove the fearful dwarves out. In their outward rush, they took control of almost all of Melabrion's Mines. A later assault of exiles managed to drive them out of the mud-walled parts of the mines, but the rock-hewn, deeper sections were lost. To contain them, Melabrion sealed the door with a powerful magic. They remain there to this day.

Reading of Colmert's journal has revealed that the Tok'Han may have originated in the caves beneath Peaceton, where he seems to have brokered a deal with them that they might defend the subterranean reaches of Gungla Island against a greater evil. He expressed regret that he had bargained with the cunning Tok'Han.

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