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A large area that lies beyond the dark cave in the undine cavern under the hut in the Northeast field. The area is accessible via a midlevel pathfinding path found in the Northwest corner of the dark cave. This path requires 100 pathfinding to see and pass through.

[At the time of this writing the editoral staff is under the impression that it requires a pathfinder trained to the limits which the current teacher is capable of offering, to exit the tunnel into Alchemist's Folly proper. Readers should be aware that this may be in error, and Yor should be consulted for the details.]

Alchemist's Folly itself consists first of a narrow tunnel which is usually filled with "junk" undine. Rocks are dangerously dropped from above and start falling soon after entering. Past the tunnel lies a big undine cavern much like the one outside the dark cave, except rocks fall here as well.

A secret door on the western wall of this cavern opens between 11:00 PM - Midnight each and every (IC) night. Beyond this secret door lies a huge (8 snells) maze which ultimately ends in a dead-end blocked by a rock slide.

The maze is also filled with "junk" undine. The purpose of this maze and whether it leads anywhere is still unknown.

Alchemist's Folly was named after the healer, Alchemist, who first discovered the tunnel and cavern sections.

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