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The players of Clan Lord have, over the years, created a slew of acronyms and abbreviations for their convenience. While some of these are taken from general internet jargon, many of the terms are unique to the Clan Lord world. Below is a list of the acronyms one can expect to hear in Puddleby:



  • bad weather - lag (slow or choppy network or server response)
  • backpack - to heal someone while they're actively fighting, or the healer doing so
  • brick - to "hold" a beast that is unable to hit you, allowing others to kill it, or the person doing so
  • cad - Caduceus
  • champ - Champion
  • chaos storm - server update/reset, usually resulting in changes to the world
  • coin whore - a character that exists solely to obtain coins, usually for other characters. Usually used as a verb for going out to hunt for coins
  • fell - Fellblade?
  • fog - lag (slow or choppy network or server response)
  • goss - Gossamer
  • half toggle - either /sharing or /unsharing someone as a way to communicate with them. Similar to share toggle
  • lock - Orga Warlock (or Hemlock, Dredlock, etc.)
  • lyfe - Lyfelidae
  • maha - Maha Ruknee
  • metz - short for Metzetli Island
  • newbie - a new player of Clan Lord, or an older player who still plays like one
  • noid - Arachnoid
  • noth - Dal'noth
  • opsec - operational security; the practice of keeping the activity of one's group secret, in the interests of keeping uninvited exiles from joining and jeapordizing a hunt. Once considered controversial, opsec is has come to be the standard mode of operation for most hunting groups
  • pod - Forest Chamelopod
  • rage - Orga Rage
  • rank - one unit of training
  • rank whore - someone who plays to get the most ranks possible, the fastest possible, a munchkin; as a verb, hunting to maximize experience gained in a given time.
  • recharge - to regain one's spirit
  • rod - to occupy a beast that can hit you by healing or being healed faster than it can do damage to you; or, a group of healers healing each other to accomplish that
  • sav - Savannah
  • share toggle - /unsharing and /sharing someone in quick succession; usually a way of communicating that one needs help, while fallen
  • sig - Significantly More Serious
  • sketch - a screenshot of Clan Lord
  • snell - a segment of the game map. Crossing a snell boundary causes a moment's delay while the next snell and its contents are loaded into the client application's memory. Not all snells are the same size.
  • snert - someone who is immature, annoying, or who gains pleasure from ruining other people's fun
  • solo - to kill a beast by oneself and gain all the experience
  • "soon" -Helpful GM's way of saying that something's being worked on and will be done eventually. Probably.
  • tag - to get at least one hit on a beast, thus gain some of the experience
  • thx - thanks
  • toggle - see share toggle
  • tok - Tok'Han
  • unrec - Nearly Unrecognizable
  • visionstone - a Clan Lord movie
  • wendy - Wendecka
  • whiff - to swing at something and miss
  • wiff - see whiff
  • zerk - Orga Berserk
  • zu - Kudzu
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