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The apex of Darshak necromancy, Greater Deaths are the most dangerous of the Greater Undine indeed, they may be the most dangerous foe to be found in the lands. They are not at all difficult to recognize: Like a Darshak Liche, their physical form is a large, disembodied skull. This skull is polished to a shining, aged-bone hue of yellow. Dark magics pour a menacing red glow from the eye-sockets.

Greater Deaths are far faster than any exile. They are nimbler and swifter, in fact, than any living beast. Each strike of Death makes clear the full power of the Darshak Priests; they hurt much more than a mammoth skull has any right to. Rumour and the recovery of hastily-written journals suggest that these most powerful of the Undine are past leaders of the Darshak Theocracy, or even founders of the same.

Greater Deaths are rarely found outside the Dark Temple. When they are, they are usually leading a crowd of other undine and Darshak to spread discord.

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