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The Darshak Theocracy is an ancient cult ruled by priests and a select few noble families?. It is comprised mainly of bloodthirsty thugs and hired pirates, and famously conquered several human nations before being displaced in Year 1 by Mobius and the Ascendancy as the mainland's dominant political and military power. Though this defeat was a significant blow to the Theocracy, it continues to operate over 550 years later from its base of operations on the island of Gathner.

The Darshak Theocracy practices a number of distasteful magics. Many priests are powerful necromancers, and are able to summon undine from their plane of origin. Powerful priests and otherwise influential members of the cult (such as members of the noble families) are sometimes granted eternal life, which is attained by converting the individuals in question to Liches. It has been said that the life energy used in this transformation is stolen from lesser members of the cult through the use of tainted moonstones.

The relationship between Darshak priests and Darshak pirates is something of a mystery. The former controls the latter for the most part, but it is unknown whether this is through magic, intimidation, coppers, or a combination of all three. Members of certain noble families (most notably the Direstorms? and Drakesbloods?) have been known to lead large crews of pirates in battle.

There are many ranks and types of Darshak. Though the exact nature of their organization and hierarchy is not entirely known, they can be roughly sorted into six groups for practical purposes. The lists here are further organized by approximate strength.

The Priesthood

Theocratic Warriors



Trained Ferals

Seafaring Vessels


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