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The ruling order of the Darshak Theocracy, Priests are recognized by their flowing dark robes. They are devout scholars of necromancy, and notes from Hulapop's journal suggest that they may even be keeping their leaders and founders in a constant state of living death as powerful Undine. Some priests are able to control and create lesser Undine, much as Tenebrion has been known to.

During invasions of swarthy, sword-wielding Darshak, it is no surprise to see many dark-cloaked Priests directing the battle from the back. When not masterminding battles, they can be found haunting Ash Island. Priests possess a mastery of fire superior to that of their acolytes, and have been known to set large crowds of beasts and exiles aflame by way of inaudibly muttered incantations and a wave of their hands.

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