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Not even the dead find peace in exile. Although some say the undine are merely misunderstood, most exiles call them highly aggressive monsters. Sometimes undine are referred to as lesser and greater undine. The weaker skeletals and corpses are considered lesser undine, while all robes and skulls are greater undine.

Necromancers of the Darshak Theocracy are able to summon lesser undine; Tenebrion and Votenkath have also demonstrated this ability.

The types of undine are here categorised by type.

  • Corporeal undine have bodies, physical vehicles they inhabit.
  • Incorporeal undine appear as spirits, or ghosts.
  • Skeletal undine appear as skeletons or disembodied skulls.


Corporeal undine are characterised by having bodies (though these bodies are not living), and are sometimes known as zombies. Most corporeal undine are of the lesser category.


These undine have little connection to the physical plane. They are without body, or any real substance, able to exert themselves only as the chilling touch of death's hand. Some of these wisps are so far beyond the veil that they are immune to being dispelled by exiles through physical means.


Skeletal undine are the weakest and greatest of the undine family. While the common skeletal is the most feeble of the undine, the Greater Death is the mightiest. These are undead, animated skeletons, powered by dark magic.

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