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Lilit, Priestess of the Nox Sorora

A Sylvan healer. Lilit is best known for her association with the religious group the Nox Sorora.

Lilit is at best, a controversial figure in Puddleby. Her religious work involves close association with the Undine, Lilit goes so far as to claim kinship with them. She claims to oppose the Darshak and that her work with the Undine is an attempt to free them, so that they will rise up against the Darshak.

In the service of her religion, she practices a rite which she refers to as communion. This ceremony is conducted in the Undine pit which lies below the fields east of Puddleby. Travelers are advised to exercise caution during these rites as hordes of Undine are often seen roaming the fields while they are being conducted.

Lilit's behavior regarding these rites has been a matter of considerable debate in Puddleby, and she has been taken to Court regarding her activities on many occasions. The results of these court sessions appear to be heavily dependent on the sympathies of the Jury.

The Puddleby staff advises readers that there are strong proponents both for, and against Lilit's activities. We suggest that readers consult the various materials presented, and make their own judgments.

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