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Tenebrion is the eldest of six brothers, sometimes refered to as, The 'brion brothers.

Tenebrion was the original owner and lord of the castle on what was formerly known as Tenebrion's Island. It is rumored that Tenebrion has since abandoned his Keep and it is now starting to show signs of disrepair. Tenebrion had hired an army of guards and created many undine to guard his keep from exile intrusion, and frowned upon our invasions of his property. Tenebrion had extensive dealings with Puddlebean exiles; He was known to trade for such items as a Sword of Souls, a weapon he originally crafted.

Tenebrion was one of the first to offer exiles knowledge of the Ethereal Plane and training in tools with the assistance of his Sarirs). Tenebrion and his scholars have shown much interest in the South Forest Mirror, and about the tools of exiles to travel to Purgatory as well. Tenebrion was highly interested in the exiles capability to bind their souls to the purgatorial plane and their ability to use purgatory pendants.

Tenebrion was particularly obsessed with the phenomenon known as the Annulus which manifests itself in the eighth sphere of the Ethereal Plane. This interest appears to have been very costly, being at least complicit in Tenebrion's Amnesia. After the amnesia incident, Tenebrion was given into his brothers' care. However, when the material plane began to be threatened by ethereal incursions in year 565 of the Ascendancy, Tenebrion set off once again to the Annulus for reasons of his own. Whatever he was trying to accomplish there, it cracked open the Annulus and led to Tenebrion's demise. Tenebrion's body has lain lifeless within the inner ring of the Annulus ever since. The attempts of exiles to rescue him have so far met with failure, though Mystics continue to receive fragmentary communications from him.

Tenebrion's specialty is thought to be necromancy, though he has demonstrated a fascination for life. Tenebrion's closest attempts to creating life have been the reanimation of the dead. Tenebrion's Zodiac Circle is connected in some way to the zodiac sign of Enba the Rat.

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