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The Ethereal Plane is a separate plane of existence?, similar in appearance to Purgatory and the Astral Plane. It is inhabited by various greater Undine, in addition to magic beings unique to the Ethereal Plane such as the Ethereal Golems and Ethereal Stalkers.

It is believed that the Ethereal Plane was first discovered by the 'brion brothers, and it is through communication with them and use of their infrastructure that exiles initially learned about the plane. The Brothers have a Tower within the first sphere that connects to each of their keeps, as well as a Forge in the fourth; the Forge was created for exiles, and mystics who have thoroughly pursued ethereal studies can make various items such as Ethereal Amulets.

The Ethereal Plane is composed of nine spheres, each of which is divided into nine sectors. These sectors are named after gemstones such as Topaz or Ruby. Travelling between spheres requires wearing an Ethereal Amulet. There are various ways to travel to the Ethereal Plane from our own. These include permanent portals such as the one found on Portal Island, temporary portals produced by use of an Ethereal Portal Stone or by powering one of the various Kyuems found in the lands with an ethercle, and the Brion Brothers' Zodiac Mazes.

It is believed that departing from the Ethereal Plane is harmful to Purgatory, and departs from there have sometimes been followed by spills of Ethereal creatures into Purgatory.

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