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Portal Island takes its name from the main feature of the island: a permanent portal to the Ethereal Plane. It is the smallest, youngest, and most barren island in the Lok'Groton Island chain. The volcanic heat of its birth is still evident, and whirlpool currents and superheated water are found around the Southern entry cove. As part of a deal between the 'brion brothers and the Puddleby Mystics Guild, the brothers created the island and installed the portal in a small clearing that can only be reached through a tunnel with a locked door. There are usually crowds of Fiery Bubbles on the beach, as well as Fire Vermine and Pumaces. Lava Walkers are sometimes found on the shore as well. The portal clearing is sometimes inhabited by ethereal creatures that have leaked through the other end of the portal.

Originally, only a handful of keys to the portal doorway existed. Later, properly trained mystics learned how to make them in the Forge in the Ethereal Plane.

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