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Lok'Groton is the name of the island chain to which the undesirables from Shan Deral are exiled, located due east of the Serpent's Claws. The island chain consists of twelve natural islands and one artificial island, Portal Island created by the Brion Brothers.

Many of the islands of Lok'Groton are inhabited. The south-eastern most island, known as Puddleby Island, is the location of the outpost town Puddleby, which is home to the exiles of Shan Deral. To the north-west is Ash Island, in which resides a remnant of the Darshak Theocracy.

There are also islands inhabited by the Noths, Centaurs, Voolcons, and other such strange creatures. A few islands have yet to be explored by exiles.

The name Lok'Groton means "Cursed Isles" in the Sylvan tongue of Ilsardinish.

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