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Puddleby Island(also known as the Main Island) is the south-eastern most isle of the Lok'Groton island chain. It's name comes from the outpost town of Puddleby, which is the home to exiles, and is located on the west side of the isle.

Puddleby Island is one of the larger isles in the island chain, and also one of the most well explored. The isle is surrounded by rough currents, which makes landing on the isle from all but the west side nearly impossible.

The western side of the isle consists mostly of Forests which grow deeper as one gets closer to the center of the isle. To the south east is the great Marsh, and to the north east is the Tanglewood, the home of the Orga.

In the center of the isle lies a vast mountain range which is home to the Greymyr and the Wendecka. It is impossible to climb the steep mountains, but there are numerous passes that cut through the mountains which exiles can traverse. The far east end of the isle has yet to be explored by exiles.

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