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The Puddleby Marsh is a vast, confusing expanse of water and muddy islets that has best been described, by the Marsh Hermit, as dank. It is a confusing, frustrating mire that many despise to enter and despair of ever leaving. It is home to an eccentric Hermit who teaches pathfinding.

For those who know it well, it is invaluable as a shortcut between adjoining areas. It is nestled between the Eastern Field, the Savannah, the Brambles, South Forest, East Forest, and Puddleby itself. Within it is the Meshra Lair and Jade Arachnoid cavern, and it is home to many swarms of hungry leeches. The Marsh has just the right climate for Lilaberries, renowned as a dye, to ripen.

The still, quiet waters of the Marsh hide many surprises.

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