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A hive is a series of underground tunnels and chambers carved out by the Myrm-- giant ant-like creatures that live below ground in the Lok'Groton Island Chain. A hive is much like an ant colony, serving as the domicile and breeding grounds of the Myrm.

The Hive (with a capital "H") is generally used to refer to the mym hive in North Farms. This hive is located just a few snells from Puddleby, and is a popular hunting ground for newer exiles. It is also the location of the infamous Queens Chamber, which was once one of the most deadly areas in the lands. The Hive has entrances in the North Farms and East Field, along with a more recently discovered entrance which connects to the Puddleby Underground.

In addition to the hive in North Farms, there is another hive located in the Myrm Highlands, to the northwest of Puddleby. This hive (referred to as the Highland Hive or "new hive") spans a wide area, and connects to the north farms hive via an underwater tunnel. Also the home of a Queen Myrm in it's Queen's Den (Not to be confused with the Queen's Chamber in The Hive.) Naturalists speculate that the two hives may have originally been linked, but were split due to underground flooding.

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