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The Myrm Queen is an impressive creature, encased in a glorious red exoskeleton with faint hints of yellow iridescence bringing a constant light to her figure. Though she is heavy with the burden of un-laid eggs, and slow, she is not to be underestimated in a fight. This sluggishness cripples her defensively she is not able to react as quickly as she might were she unburdened. However, her attack might more than make up for this.

Two razor-sharp mandibles extrude from her lower jaw, and with these she is able to tear large sections from whomever opposes her. She is not easily avoided, either though she is not swift, she attacks with a surprisingly deliberate determination. The two gauzy wings sprouting from her thorax are of little use to her once she is settled in her hive, and are not useful except as a distraction during battle.

All those in a Hive are loyal to the Queen, from Royal to the lowly Farmer.

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