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Puddleby Island is punctuated on several sides by sandy or rocky beaches. Other sides drop off into the water as cliffs, but the gradual sloping beach is far more common. The tides of Puddleby are wild, so walking into the surf is often a painful experience. A few of the beaches surrounding Puddleby:

South Beaches? - Starting near the Brambles, these beaches wind their way along the southern coastline and eventually make their way to the Dunes. They are directly south of the Valley.

Southwest Beaches? - These beaches border the west and south edges of South Forest. They include Kitty Beach and the Damp Cave?.

West Beaches? - Starting directly west of Puddleby (where the Southwest Beaches? leave off), these beaches extend most of the way up the western coast of Puddleby, ending at Burrows Beach?. Some of these beaches are part of what is known as Crawlers Revenge?.

North Beaches? - A stretch of rocky beaches north of the Northern Plains.

Each beach is unique, offering a home to a diverse set of wildlife.

Many varieties of Rockodiles and Crawlers can be found on these beaches, and it is not uncommon to see scavenger birds racing the tide.

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