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A forest named for the unusual trees that characterise it, and also for the difficulty with which it is navigated (similar to Tanglewood's, but on a larger scale). It can be accessed through the Orga Camp, and can serve as an exit path from the Orga Outback.

The snaggle wood is a very self-similar forest. As one travels through it, each section might look the same -- save one distinguishing characteristic. Members of a mapping party carved their names into the trees of this forest. Each part of Snagglewood has one engraved tree, holding the name of a single exile. Using these trees as a guide, it becomes much less difficult to navigate.

Many Orga and their usual host of company call the snaggle wood home. It is not uncommon to find Orga Furies or Orga Warlocks here, particularly in the woods' further reaches. From the tract of the Snaggle wood marked by Bones, one may find an odd path, known as Wisher's Gate. This path leads to Hatreds' Hollow.

The snaggle wood can also be used to refer to a much great expanse of Orga-controlled forests, including the areas known as the Orga Outback, Camp Dred, and the Dredwood.

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