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Camp Dred is a small, wooded area that lies between the Foothills and the Dredwood. Because of its relative safety, Camp Dred is often used as a staging area for expeditions headed deeper into Orga territory, and is also a popular location to keep one of the Mirror Portals.

Besides linking the Foothills and the Dredwood, there is a path to the north of Camp Dred that leads to the Redwood Grove, a forest infested with various Tree Giants and their attendant spriggins. In the cave leading back to the Foothills is the first known entrance to the Slate Caves. Camp Dred was initially referred to by some as Kiriel's Valley, in honor of Kiriel D'Sol, who was the first exile publically-known to gain entry into the area. Although Baffette, of Pogue Mahone, was the first to open it on the 90th Day of Summer, 542, the details were not made public at the time.

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