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Spriggins are small pixie-like creatures who live in the Spirit Wood?. They have pointy ears, long noses, mischievous grins, and dress in bright blue garb.

Though spriggins are not violent, they are unabashed tricksters, and can be very dangerous if encountered in combination with other creatures. Experienced exiles know to be wary whenever they hear the spriggins' trademark cry of "Wa-hoo!"

Spriggins have the ability to steal an exile's balance in a manner similar to Fairy Dust, rendering them vulnerable to attack. Spriggins can also contort exiles into uncomfortable positions using their magic, and can steal coins right out of an exile's purse. To make matters worse, spriggins have the ability to teleport short distances, making them very difficult to kill.

Most spriggins will teleport over the head of the exile coming at them, so the best way to slay them when alone is to run at them with your back against a tree or wall. However, spriggins are best hunted by groups of two or three.

Although the home of the spriggins is in the Spirit Wood, they can be found in most forests throughout the isles, especially Jannar's Grove in the North Forest.

The leader of the spriggins is the spriggin king Blink, who has been known to make mischief on exiles by leading parties of spriggins into Puddleby. The mystic Malkor is also rumored to be a spriggin.

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