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Exiles stepping into an active Mirror are instantly transported to a defined location, but this provides only one-way point-to-point transport. The builders of the Dark Cloud or Flying Island generalized this transport system by linking the two Mirrors in the center of the Cloud to mobile mirror-associated portals. These two mirror portals have two transport functions and one additional function with regard to the Cloud.

First, the mirror portals define the exit point from their associated Mirror. That is, stepping into the purple-marked Mirror on the Cloud leads to one exiting at the site of the purple mirror portal, and green Mirror to green portal. Since the mirror portals can be moved, and indeed can be removed from the Cloud entirely, exiles have set these portals in convenient locations. By consensus, the green portal is usually in Falinea's garden at the South Gate of Puddleby town, and the purple portal in Camp Dred in the Northeastern Foothills. Exiles who move the portals are encouraged to warn others, and then return them promptly.

Second, walking into a mirror portal (instead of into a Mirror) leads to transport to the site of the other mirror portal (portal-to-portal transport). This process is slower than Mirror transport, taking several moments to inititate at the entry and several more moments to resolve at the exit. It can also be very painful, as exiles with no mental discipline can lose most of their health upon transport. Coupled with the slow exit, this can be a fatal combination, depending on where the portal exit is and what beasts are present. A wise exile lets someone stronger go first.

Third, Mystics have found that energizing one of the glowing circles in the Cloud control room causes the Cloud to stop drifting and to move toward the corresponding mirror portal on the ground. This allows the Cloud to be "driven" over desired locations on Puddleby Island.

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