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Also known as the Dark Cloud or just simply "the Cloud," the Flying Island is a floating landmass that can be accessed by passing through the South Forest Mirror. The Flying Island drifts above Puddleby Island in an apparently random manner, though some speculate that there is a pattern to its movements.

Some exiles believe the island is not natural but was constructed, although its architects remain unknown. A control room, near the center of the cloud, allows mystics to move the entire island in conjunction with the mirror portals. An abandoned alchemy laboratory is present in the North of the island.

Mid level exiles may enjoy hunting on the flying island, as its forests are filled with Sky Maha Ruknees and Cloud Maha Ruknees (two species of Mahas found only here), along with various other cats. There is also a cold and snowy region on the eastern side of the isle, which is home to many arctic creatures including Snow Ferals and Polar Bears.

The entire island is about five snells across, and twenty snells total. It is possible to walk to the very edges of the island to gaze below or even jump off, landing with a terrific impact on the Puddlebean landmass below. Jumping off the flying island has become an exciting sport, especially using parachutes to slow the descent. Still, cloud jumping can mean certain death for weaker or unlucky exiles, since the impact can cause massive damage and the jumpers may not recognize or survive long in the area where they landed. There are certain areas, notably Sfoft's Peak, which can only be reached by jumping from the Cloud.

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